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What is Cyclic Yoga?

Cyclic Yoga is an art of sequencing yoga asanas or pranayama and mudra techniques to maximize its benefits and energize body and mind. This style is developed by an Indian Yogini, Maya Machawe in cooperation with an Iranian psychologist Saed Ahmadi, based on the belief that practicing a well-balanced sequence or series of asana can enhance or boost the advantages and therapeutic effects of each pose. Making the practitioner feel more relaxed and refreshed after each session.

Each cycle is composed of certain number of asana and their facilitating moves, designed to be performed in a specific sequence in relationship with each other. The focus of sequencing asana in the cycle is based on the level of complexity moving from simple to complex as well as body-ease, balance and stability for the consecutive asana. Therefore, practicing a complete cycle utilizes the properties of each asana to pave the way for moving on through the next pose easily and more comfortably.

Cyclic Yoga practitioners usually experience more significant psychological and physical well-being. They frequently report profound relaxation, flexibility and lightsome after a Cyclic Yoga session.

A novice Cyclic Yoga student needs to learn the fundamental of alignment of each individual asana in a desired manner.  For this purpose, founders of Cyclic Yoga style have designed four separate skill and preparedness levels of practice, namely: Primary, Intermediate and Advanced cycles. Continue Reading…

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Cyclic Yoga Registered Teacher Training Course

Becoming a good teacher is an art. It needs your dedication and hard work. We are here to help you to master this art. 

We have design our course to experience and understand the depths of yoga knowledge and to train you in history, philosophy, asana and pranayama techniques and much more. Our focus on yoga is holistic. Our teachings are deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of yoga. 

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